Extrusion line blake type 6 for heavy profiles

The extrusion line blake type 6 allows to produce especially heavy profiles (i.e. door frames, window frames etc.)

The basic configuration of the extrusion line includes the following machines:

Kalibriertisch Typ 206

Länge:6000 mm
Vakuumpumpen:4 Stück
Pumpenleistung: 4 kW

Caterpillar haul-off type 306

Haul-off power:30.000 N
Haul-off speed:up to 8 m/min

Cutting saw type 406 - GS

Sawing diameter:300 x 100 mm
Saw blade:450 mm

Tipping device type 506

Length:6000 mm

Winder type WI-706

Used Pipeline up to D160mm